I want to talk about my friend, Andre. Most people have a friend like him. I hope you do too.
With 20 years of Scouting behind us, we planned our family’s return from Australia with precision. This article is part
Home is not just a place, it's a feeling. In the aftermath of Ireland's win over England CJ Stander remained
It’s December and we are heading into our first Irish Christmas in 17 years. Yes, we have not spent a
This article is part of an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad about James Parnell’s experience of returning to Ireland
The two-year milestone passed with barely a whimper in May. Maybe we remarked to one another on the day but
Part of an ongoing series for Irish Times Abroad about our experience of returning to Ireland after 16 years in Australia. We celebrated our
You care about yourself. But caring about is not the same as taking care of. The former is what you
After 16 years in Australia, James Parnell has moved home with his wife Anne-Marie and their children Ava (8), Erin
Returning emigrants underestimate how hard resettling will be. This article was first published as part of an ongoing series for