A New Dawn in Ireland

Pain. The Great Awakener.

Happier times with Liz and Oliver December 26th 2013 was a day that would change our lives forever.  Anne-Marie's father, Oliver, passes away after a period of illness. We watch the funeral online
A New Dawn in Ireland

Who are you, really? A Blank Canvas

Who are you? In 2014, around the time we were entering the Awareness phase ourselves, I enrolled in a course entitled Creativity, Innovation and Change from the University of Maryland. I assumed
A New Dawn in Ireland

Does Pain have a Purpose?

Credit: Akshar Dave Motivation is anything that causes us to move. There are two sources of motivation - intrinsic (from within us) and extrinsic (from outside of us). There are also two

The Awareness Phase

Awareness is the first phase of any change journey.  We develop a growing sense that we are not quite where we want to be. A multitude of emotions emerges that may include