The whispers have become loud voices calling you home. You feel conflicted – how to decide the right thing to do? Trust your gut. Have no regrets. Follow your inner wisdom – gut for right and wrong, heart for desire, head for doing.

Feminine and masculine energy working in harmony.

What about you? How will you decide?

At the end of the Awareness phase, you are clear about your values and your life vision for the next few years.

You have not yet made any significant commitments or decisions. But you have done the inner work and self-reflection to be in a position to create the life you want.

The problem is you remain daunted or indecisive about what to do next. You might feel uncertain, clueless, resistant or confused. There are so many options to move you towards the life you want. How do you decide?

The transformation from Clear to Committed goes through four steps:

  1. Weighing up the Options
  2. Decide which path to take
  3. Setting out your first achievable milestone
  4. Committing through action.

The skills you will need during this phase are many. You will need to be decisive. You will need the ability to tune into your heart and make gut calls. Don’t worry! You’ve already been practising. You will also need to set clear goals and translate them into real commitment by taking decisive action, which means? You are all in.

This section will give you the tools to build the skills and transform yourself through this phase.

This phase might even take a year or two as you bounce from clear to confused and back. Be patient with yourself – sometimes big decisions make themselves. You cannot rush them. In today’s busy world, we practise using our heads so much. We don’t often converse with our hearts. So when we first begin to engage our hearts, it takes a while for the signals to come back through emotions and gentle sensations. We need time to interpret them. But remember, these gut feelings are specks of gold dust on our path, guiding us to our true potential and higher existence.

Focus on what matters – your heart. Avoid distractions such as logistics (your head) for now. Stay pure. Let your innate wisdom guide you. Only then, driven by your heart’s desire, will you be ready to engage your head.

By the end of this phase, you will have made your big decision – using this inner GPS we all possess. You will be committed, excited and have self-belief.

James Parnell is the founder of A New Dawn in Ireland community and provides online coaching for anyone inspired to change their life.

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