A story and guide about coming home to Ireland after 16 years.

Helping Returning Emigrants to understand and prepare for the mental and emotional challenge of returning to Ireland.

This book will help make your next brave move, become a new person and create the happy life you envisage when you decided to return - with a minimum of stress.

Book is in Design and Available in August 2023

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Why this Book?

To uproot the tree and the solid foundations that anchor you is no easy decision.

I salute you.
I salute anyone for having done it.


What's it About?

This book is a book about life through one journey.

It's about AWE - Adventure, Wonder, Experience.

I want you to become an adventurer who loves new experiences (inside and out!).
I want to bring (and activate in you) fun, love, energy, possibility, persistence, freedom and life unlimited.

This story - your story - is not just about deciding where to live, but rather deciding how to live.

Its purpose is to encourage us all (myself included) to create the life we want, wherever that may be.

It will also be pragmatic, with the mundane aspects and logistics that need to be covered when moving country.

Mostly though, I want to demonstrate that it is possible to completely upend your life and make a new one in another country by telling my story
and providing the skills and practical tools that you need to do it yourself.

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