How To Move to Ireland
And Create the Life You Want for yourself and your family...

...Even If You Don't Know Where To Start

Avoid the Most Common Mistakes That Can Leave You Paying Unnecessary Fees or Failing to Ever "Settle In".


James Parnell (Returned Emigrant and Coach)

James Parnell

Returned Emigrant & Executive Coach

From the Desk of James Parnell
Dublin, Ireland.

Dear friend,

Do you want to make the right decision and design a great life for you and your family?

Great! Ireland can be the place to do it, thanks to family and friends, culture, uncrowded spaces and mother nature.

Trouble is, it's often far from simple.  

And that can leave many would-be expats scrambling to get the right documents together, paying over the odds in fees, or... moving to Ireland only to never really settle in.

In some cases, the very thought of it can stop you moving to Ireland at all.

If you’re thinking about returning to Ireland, but you’re not sure where to start, let me tell you the first step in doing so.

Here’s the secret to moving with confidence.

Stop Reading Forums About Other People’s Experience.

Stop Going Down Rabbit Holes Looking for Answers.

And Don't Even Think About Hiring an Expensive Lawyer or Broker Until 

You've Read This...

8 years ago

My wife and I were crippled with indecision. 

We’d spent the past 15 years living in Sydney, and had enjoyed it for a while.

But now, as our children were reaching school age, the pull of being back in Ireland was getting stronger and stronger.

Not just our own desire to be back in the place we’d grown up, but also for our children to experience all the beautiful spaces, rich culture, and homely memories we’d known that are so unique to Ireland.

Fast forward 8 years, and here we are in Dublin.

Once a week, my wife and I go on a date to one of our favourite restaurants in Malahide.

On weekends, I kick a ball around with my son and the kids  join their friends at GAA sea scouts or for a swim.

At least a couple times a month, we take a drive through the magnificent countryside to visit friends or family.

And a few times a year we take a trip with our caravan to the west coast of Ireland or farther afield around Europe.

We’ve created a happy life of freedom, adventure and joy that we dreamed of in Ireland.

So How’d we do it?

Well, the first and most important part of the process was to realize this:

There’s No “One-Size-Fits-All” Solution To Moving Back To Ireland.

Everyone has different opinions about whether you should move to Ireland or not. 

Some say go – and will recommend this school, and this part of town, and getting this kind of insurance.

Others say stay - and cite a myriad of reasons as to why you shouldn’t move – most of which don’t even apply to you.

The reality is, that's all those are: Opinions.

Opinions that may not be right for you.

So how do you decide whether a move to Ireland is right for you, and how you can make the most of it?

Well, that's why I created my Adaptors Method.

It's simply a way to answer the most important questions about:

- Why you want to move
- What you need to get ahold of to move
- And what to expect when you move.. that you can make a more confident decision about whether your decision to move to Ireland is right for YOU.

Not for your friend.

Or your cousin.

Or some random person in an internet forum you found.


And to help you do that, I wrote this book, A New Dawn in Ireland.

This book takes you by the hand through the three major stages - the heart-led decision, the headstart of planning and doing, before finally returning to your heart’s desires and creating a new life of awe.

Discover how to ask (and get answers to) all the important questions you need before you embark on the journey, such as:

What do I actually desire truly from my life that will make me happy?

What preparation and documentation do I need to gather before I can move?

How will I buy a home and ensure financial stability?

How will I secure a school for the children and ensure they are OK?

Can I easily get a job that maintains my lifestyle?

…and finally create the life back in Ireland that you dream of, without having to fumble through the most common pitfalls and expensive mistakes.

Obviously, I cannot promise that you will read the book I’m about to give you and have the exact same results that I did. But that is kiind of the point, right?

This decision is YOUR decision. 

This journey is YOUR journey.

And with this book, I want to give you a compass with which you can be best placed to make that decision.

We made plenty of mistakes. But that’s a good thing. Now you don’t have to.

Pick up a copy of A New Dawn In Ireland for just EUR 4.99 below:

How would your life change if you could make this bold move work?

Let me show you the work I’ve done with clients using the ADAPTORS method you will find inside the book.

Employment and Timing

We are on the way! I got that job and we are absolutely delighted! I wanted to thank you for your suggestion on our coaching call to consider an earlier move given the jobs market and reducing the big risks with timing. That's what inspired me to action and we’re now thrilled to be going home with no pressure on us

- Deirdre

Working full time while moving a family of 5 is no joke. Minimalism here I come - the ‘stuff’ overwhelm is a bit confronting - so very glad I read your recommendation last year and did a lot of culling when I wasn’t under pressure - the last run this week had us chucking stuff in from total utter exhaustion and decision overwhelm! See you on the other side. 

- Richie

I think I may need to hire a full time assistant with this move! Between this current job (which I will be informing them next week of my decision)...the new job…and "packing up" - I was feeling very overwhelmed! I have the checklist and am working through it - it's been a blessing! … Guess I need to get better at asking for help! Please add me to the mindfulness module, it can only benefit me! 

- Olivia

DISCLAIMER: None of the above happens without the right heart decision, a growth mindset and sticking with it through tough times. If you are not ready for that, the result won’t match up.

Read the Book, Make Your Move and 

Create your new life of Awe.

This book is called A New Dawn in Ireland because this is an opportunity for you to create a new dawn for yourself.

It is both a story and guide for you. 

The ADAPTORS method is the 8-Step process through the phases of this brave bold move.

The book is only EUR 4.99

If you like it, you might decide to return to Ireland and join the programmes I have created to help.

If you don’t, that’s OK. 

Either way, the book will prompt you to think about the next chapter of your life wherever that is.

Here’s Some of what you will Discover inside the Book

How to deal with the growing awareness that you are unsure where you want to be.

The best tools, techniques and resources to save time, energy and stress once you’re moving.

How to say goodbye and make a clean exit from your old country - financial, legal etc.

Why making the right decision for you and your family is so important and how to do it.

What are the major decisions you must get right and around which your plan will be built.

What are the Top 12 Challenges for returning emigrants and how to deal with each one, step-by-step.

How to use The Master Plan to ensure success.

How to create your budget and track it to ensure financial security.

Everything you need to think about (the checklists) and when you need to do it.

The myths, pitfalls and unique challenges of returning home and the tools and techniques to overcome them.

The best tools, techniques and resources to save time, energy and stress once you’re moving.

The neuroscience and psychology - and mindset - of moving to another country for adults and children!

The best way to land in your new country and checklists for when you get there.

The unique challenge of wellbeing and reintegration with tips on how to adjust to your new home and routine.

Real stories of resilience and joy from those who have done it before.

How to use life design techniques to create a life of AWE.

This Method Works Even If

You cannot decide whether to move
or decide not to move!
You have no clue where to start.
You are not confident you will succeed.

You might be thinking that TBD
That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today!

Act Now
And Get These Bonuses For Free!

Bonus #1

Bonus Training

Get these 2 hours of training to tell you how to overcome the most common challenges of moving. We will cover:

1. How to create your Life Vision before you decide what to do
2. Preparing for the Journey Ahead through the 8 Stages
3. Advice for Parents Moving with Children (22 minutes)
4. A Guide to Reintegration (48 minutes)
5. Meet the Expert on Mortgages with Paul Quinlan (audio)

The ADAPTORS Accelerator Pack has the tools and templates you need to Make the Decision and begin Planning it successfully including:

The ADAPTORS Accelerator Pack has all the plans, tools and templates for Making the Decision and Planning it successfully.

1. 12 Questions to the Right Decision
2. The Master Plan Snapshot Checklist
3. 50 Tips for Returning to Ireland
4. The Net Financial Worth Calculator: Assess your net worth on 15 mins
5. 100 Resources to Save You Time and Money

Bonus #2

Accelerator Pack

Client and Reader Reviews

Deirdre M, 

Client of A New Dawn Mover Programme

We’ve redone our maths and agreed to an earlier departure. Grateful for your honest comments about the value of routine etc. on arrival. Making progress and We are looking forward 😉 The tasks on Trello are ticking through!

James is an authentic, real and positive leader who helps other emigrants to make the move successfully. This is an excellent course — definitely worth checking out!

Sarah Owen, Crosscare Irish Diaspora Support Centre.

Ciara Kenny, Editor, Irish Times Abroad

James writes with honesty and positivity. He is also a master planner and organiser - and his writing and courses reflect that.

Get Your Copy Of
A New Dawn in Ireland Now

See you on the inside,


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